GLOBULORB #24: Octorok

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Today’s haiku comes to us from Jackanapes.

I'm so hungry, I could eat eight rocks!

An Octorok, Link?
I don’t know about you, but…
I’m not that hungry.

This octorok is based primarily on the recent cutesy design as seen in the games Toon Link stars in. The knobs on top – which seem right to me, but that I can’t verify in any official art – are a callback to the spots on the eight-bit octorok from the original Legend of Zelda. In official artwork, as well as the renders from Ocarina of Time, the octorok is a horrifying, veiny, mutant penis monstrosity. I think I prefer this pooka-esque version.

I’ve tried to logically account for its rocks by showing it harvesting them from the base of a gravelly mountain. I find it likely that the octorok doesn’t generate rocks, but instead collects and swallows them in an effort to aid digestion. The organ used to facilitate this process is a gizzard. The things you learn growing up in the country!