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Starting on Monday, I’ll be updating Snipe Blog with a new daily doodle feature called GLOBULORB. The name is a portmanteau of two synonyms for “ball” – namely, “globule” and “orb”.

This time, all the pictures will be of video game enemies (and other characters that fall into the criteria) who are largely spheroid (Examples: TorbleHurble, and Darble). If its whole body will fit in the template shown below without it having to bend or suck in its gut, then it’s a prime candidate to be a GLOBULORB sketch.

A 375 pixel diameter circle on a 500 pixel square canvas.

Your suggestions for subject matter must be phrased in the form of a five-seven-five haiku.

There’s no limit to the suggestions you can post on the Snipe Board, so try your best to think of round characters you want to see drawn.

Like a Koopa shell, or Scarfy, or an octorok, or...

I look forward to reading your suggestions, and bringing them to sketchy-life!