Drawn & Quintered #33

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Today’s five-word suggestion comes to us from Dr. Billy.

No! My philtrum! I need it, for stuff!

Look, I got your nose!

A short list of things I find sexy about a woman*:
– the forehead
– hair (preferably blonde or another color)
– eyes
– eyelashes
– the cheeks
– the philtrum (obviously)
– lips
– the neck
– the clavicle (OHH THE CLAVICLE)
– b r e a s t s
– a fabric fold implying the shape of a nipple (different from visibly erect nipples)
– visibly erect nipples
– the inner arm
– fists
– bulky denim gloves
– metallic accents

*or an effeminate man, when I’m not wearing glasses